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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does landscape lighting cost?

The cost for a home or business owner to have professional landscape lighting design, installation and maintainance can vary greatly depending on a number of variables.  Illumination FL design plans include award winning designs with premium fixtures, professional installation and various maintenance programs depending on your needs.  We can design and install a very basic system with four premium LED lighting fixtures for around $1600.00.  The larger and more complex the design the more costs will be involved.  One thing you should know though, is that Illumination FL offers a FREE on-site design consultation and estimate to anyone interested in an Illumination FL landscape lighting system…so there is no cost to explore making a custom LED landscape lighting system the next home improvement project for your property!

What should I look for when hiring a landscape lighting company?

Hire A Landscape Lighting Contractor That Focuses Primarily on Landscape Lighting

The first thing you should consider when hiring a landscape lighting contractor is whether or not landscape lighting is their primary business or just something they ‘tacked’ on to another business that is their core focus.  Illumination FL focuses on professional landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance.  This is what we have been doing for more than 16 years here in South Florida.  According to the overwhelming majority of our customers, we have gotten quite good at it.

Hire A Landscape Lighting Contractor That Is Licenced and Insured

Choosing a  landscape lighting contractor that is licenced and insured significantly reduces the possibility of you getting ripped off, experiencing property damage or getting sued.  When dealing with electrical installations, even low-voltage installations like ours, there are risks that trained professionals have been taught how to minimize through various ‘best practices’.  Illumination FL is a family owned and operated company that is both licensed and insured to operate in the state of Florida – EC13006733.

Hire A Landscape Lighting Contractor That Has Established A Good Reputation

Character is important.  Today there are many online review services that allow customers to share their experiences with the various people and organizations they do business with.  Now, there was a time when we were first getting started and we wouldn’t want to hinder any new entreprenuers from getting their new business up and running.  We do, however, encourage you to make sure you are a little more careful when working with a contractor that hasn’t developed a portfolio of successful projects and the client relationships that go with them.  This will give you peace of mind when inviting a landscape lighting company onto your property for a major home improvement project.

What is involved in the design process?

When you initially contact Illumination FL we will inquire about some basic information on your property and what you are interested in accomplishing.  We will then connect you with one of our Design and Sales Professionals who will set up a convenient time to meet with you to walk your property and engage in a design consultation.  At this time, if you have gathered any pictures or have some images on Pinterest that you have collected for inspiration, it would be a great time to share.  The design professional will then spend some time on your property preparing a professional lighting plan for you that will include elements from your conversation as well as professional input and design concepts.  If you are pleased with the design plan and approve it, a 50% deposit for the project will be due and the project will be scheduled, typically within two weeks of the receipt of the deposit.

How often should my landscape lighting system be serviced?

Depending on the the environment, extent of property usage, installation and fixtures you will want to have your landscape lighting system maintained quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  We find that most of our customers do well with the semi-annual maintenance plan and then, in case of unfortunate events like hurricanes, fallen tree limbs, or lawn maintence accidents we are available for service calls outside of the normal maintenance packages.  Our maintenance packages include: full system diagnostic, clean and re-aim light fixtures, trim plants and shrubs that may be obstructing the light beam, test line voltage if necessary and rebury any of our system’s cable that may have become exposed.

Do you install holiday lights?

We presently do not install holiday lights.  However, what we can do with many of the fixtures that are included in our Illumination FL Landscape Lighting Systems is place a variety of colored lenses according to your choice that can add a festive glow to your landscaping and architecture.  To find out more about this, including whether or not your lighting system is compatable, simply give our office a call at 561-733-9300 or 954-881-3048.

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