Landscape Lighting contractors in Miramar have a tremendous opportunity set before them.  As a leader in the industry here in South Florida and many on our team having grown up in the area, the amazing communities we have seen sprouting up have allowed us to engage with some of the most well known builders.  In offering our professional LED landscape lighting designs, installation and maintenance programs to the folks in Miramar we have really enjoyed working with the diverse architectural styles and landscape design approaches in the area.

Some important things that may help you to chose Illumination FL as your local landscape lighting company include the facts that...

  • We specialize in LED landscape lighting as our primary business
  •  Our Design Professionals will present  you with a well thought out design plan, free of charge
  •  We listen to your needs and combine them with our expert advice to offer a great solution
  •  The fixtures we install offer industry leading quality and warranties
  •  Our installation team is highly trained and we complete the job on time

We want to encourage you to go a step further and consider what our customers are saying about their Illumination FL experience.  If you visit our home page, you will be able to read a couple quick, encouraging comments from our customers and if you click on any of the icons representing the major online rating agencies you will discover many great Illumination FL stories to thoroughly inspire you.

Speaking of inspiring, to gather some design ideas, our online portfolio presents a sample of the work of Illumination FL.  Everything from residential to commercial, from leisure to creative.

Connect with us or give us a call at 954-245-1368 with any questions you might have or to schedule a design consultation at your property where we can answer your questions and provide a well thought out design plan and estimate free of cost or obligation to you.