Our Parkland neighbors are truly great to work with.  I was with one of my co-laborers recently on a follow-up call to add a special-order path-light to a system that we had recently serviced and it was easily discernable that these were some folks who really enjoyed their outdoor Florida living spaces.

Those are our type of people!

When we began to offer our LED landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance programs in the Parkland area we felt right at home.  You can learn more about landscape lighting and some of the considerations you will want to be aware of by visiting our education page, for now though, let me offer you some key points as to why you should chose Illumination FL as your trusted local LED landscape lighting contractors...

  •  We specialize in LED landscape lighting as our primary business
  •  Our Design Professionals will present  you with a well thought out design plan, free of charge
  •  We listen to your needs and combine them with our expert advice to offer a great solution
  •  The fixtures we install offer industry leading quality and warranties
  •  Our installation team is highly trained and we complete the job on time

The Work of Illumination FL - Parkland, FL

Landscape Lighting Installation

Parkland has some amazing outdoor experiences...from nature trails, equestrian resources and family fun experienced at Liberty Park to their amazing public library where our Parkland neighbors connect, captivate and create with the community.  Parklander's also love wellness and staying healthy.  The Parkland Dash, a 5k event organized to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation is one of the many worthy causes to get involved in here.

With such great people to work with, we are able to easily connect with Parklander's to offer some great solutions for you.  The native foliage is far more similar to what we see in the Central Florida area than what we work with in the coastal areas, making our approach to design slightly different to offer the best custom LED landscape lighting systems for the architectural style and native pines and other indigionous species of plants and trees found in the area.

Connect with us today to schedule a design consultation and estimate for your property or estate!