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Landscape Lighting, The Choice That Makes The Difference.

Developing a South Florida Oasis in Your Backyard, Part 5

Written by Justin Gaynor

Landscape-Lighting-Pool-Contractors-Illumination FL
Landscape-Lighting-Pool-Contractors-Illumination FL

The process of home improvement is both fun and exciting.  Working with great building contractors makes home improvement a lot more enjoyable.  There has been a process to get to where we are today with our last blog in this series, but WOW! the results are something to be excited about.  In this edition, we are going to focus on getting the most from your new South Florida Oasis with an Illumination FL Designer Landscape Lighting System.

Designer Landscape Lighting

Designer Landscape Lighting-Illumination FL

Landscape lighting has evolved over time.  We have written elsewhere about the invention of the LED (light-emitting diode) and its impact on designer landscape lighting systems.  In this article, we want to talk specifically about how our design process connects with the development process for your backyard oasis.

Someone following along with this blog series would have brought an Illumination FL Design Rep in during conversations with landscape architects and irrigation teams.  This would have allowed us to coordinate on various aspects of the project, saving time and money.  It would have also prevented having to pop-up and reinstall hardscape features like pavers, or other obstacles to getting the system installed properly.

Landscape Lighting LED Residential
Landscape Lighting LED Residential

The design process includes you sharing with us your ideas and thoughts.  Your scrapbook, Pinterest page or even pointing at the work of Illumination FL on our Portfolio page will help us understand your vision.  From there Illumination FL Landscape Lighting design reps can create a resort look at an affordable price for your backyard.

Professional Installation

Top Landscape Lighting Team Member Wins a Bahamas Cruise
Top Landscape Lighting Team Member Wins a Bahamas Cruise

Are you excited about your new Illumination FL Designer Landscape Lighting System?  Awesome!  We are, too!  Taking the design from graph paper and bringing it into reality is easier said than done though.  That is why we hire and train the best talent.  I would tell you how amazing our team of installers are, but I would rather allow our existing customers and the images of our team’s work to speak.

When you choose Illumination FL Landscape Lighting as your landscape lighting contractor, it is going to cost more than buying a lower quality system from a big box store.  We want you to know that upfront.  We are bringing you significantly higher quality fixtures, better warranties, award-winning design, and professional installation you can trust

We tell you all of this because we want you to be a well-informed consumer. We get quite a lot of people that come to us after they tried to save some money and do it themselves.  In almost every situation the customer was not happy with the lack of brightness from the DIY systems, how quickly the lower quality fixture casings deteriorated in the Florida sun and the amount of difficulty involved in getting power to the lights.

Timer LED Landscape Lighting
Timer LED Landscape Lighting

Once Illumination FL came in, removed the sub-par system, and installed one of our Designer Landscape Lighting Systems…well, just check out our customer reviews.  With an Illumination FL landscape lighting system your backyard oasis is complete.  You do want to keep it in top shape though.

High-Value Maintenance

Low maintenance is a good thing and high-value maintenance programs make it even better. 

Consider this: You just experienced hosting your first dinner party where you were able to invite your guests into your outdoor living space like never before.  Guests commented on how spectacular a job the landscape architect did.  Some were thrilled by the water fountain feature of the new pool.  Many were in awe at the overall atmosphere illuminated by your new Illumination FL Designer Landscape Lighting System.  It was an amazing night and now you are pleased beyond compare at how the whole project came together.  You want to maintain that experience.

Once your Illumination FL Landscape Lighting System has been installed, your design rep or someone from the office is going to talk to you about taking care of the system for maximum life and optimal performance.  You invested a lot in your South Florida Oasis and the temptation is to overlook the comparatively low cost of action of maintaining it well.  Do not make that mistake. 

The most popular maintenance package we offer is a semi-annual package.  It includes a full-system diagnostic process, cleaning all the fixtures and coating them with an automotive-grade protectant, re-aiming the fixtures (they sometimes get knocked about by landscapers, guests, kids, animals, etc.), trimming away any foliage that may be blocking the beam, re-burying any exposed cable, and more.

Your Illumination FL Designer Landscape Lighting System is one of the most impactful upgrades you could have made to your backyard oasis.  However, if you have not had your new landscape lighting system installed yet, what are you waiting for?  Call us today!  561-733-9300 / 954-245-1368

LED Landscape Lighting Service and Maintenance Packages
LED Landscape Lighting Service and Maintenance Packages

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