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Developing A South Florida Oasis in Your Backyard, Part 4

Great Landscaping with Award Winning Landscape Lighting Design

Written by Justin Gaynor

Delray Beach - Landscape Lighting
Delray Beach – Relax

Welcome back to Illumination FL Landscape Lighting’s blog

We are continuing our series on Developing a South Florida Oasis in Your Backyard.  In this issue we will be focusing on bringing in a professional landscaper.  Illumination FL Landscape Lighting offers design, installation and maintenance of designer landscape lighting systems.  However, without the amazing work that our colleagues in landscape architecture and design bring to the table, the projects we work on wouldn’t be nearly as inspiring as our clients tell us they are

Landscape Lighting LED Residential
Landscape Lighting LED Residential

Reputable Landscapers Work with Illumination FL Landscape Lighting

Hiring a great landscaper starts with someone that specializes in their field.  They will be able to create a design that accomplishes the vision you share with them and will likely really blow your mind. Illumination FL works with quite a few talented and experienced local landscape architects and designers.  As many of you know, Illumination FL only does landscape lighting.  That is how we have arrived at the consistently great results our clients talk about in our reviews.

The landscaper that you want to choose for your project should be licensed and insured.  Also, they will likely be certified by an organization like FNGLA (Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association).  As with the pool contractors that you worked with in the previous blog, you will want to ask for references, photos of recent jobs and you will want to share your scrapbook of ideas with them.

LED Landscape Lighting - Delray Beach
Delray Beach – LED Landscape Lighting

Trees, Accent Lights, and  Beauty

Florida has a wide variety of trees that you may want to include in your South Florida Oasis.  Palm trees are an obvious choice for the purpose of a South Florida Oasis, but there is a lot more to consider.  Other fruit-bearing trees include various citrus, avocado, and mango trees. When Illumination FL Landscape Lighting sets out to design a landscape lighting system for our clients, we have various types of fixtures that can produce amazing night-time effects with these types of trees.  From the regal royal palm to the strong oak tree, you also want to consider how these trees are going to provide shade during the day and aesthetics at night.  All of your choices will contribute to the overall canvas you are creating as the backdrop to your pool parties and other social gatherings, not to mention your own personal enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Residential Landscape Lighting LED Lights
Residential Landscape Lighting LED Lights

Bushes All Aglow

Your landscape design will also include some of the many varieties of bushes utilized by Florida landscapers.  These can include plants like the ficus, bamboo (technically a grass) or podocarpus that make great natural fences and barriers.  When highlighted with mini-flood lights or wash lights from Illumination FL the appearance of greater depth to your property in the evenings can be achieved.  So, what we are doing with the landscaper is developing layers.   Higher level focal points (trees), to mid-level backdrops and ‘fillers’ with bushes and now let’s talk about the beautiful natural art found in the many species of flowers here in Florida.

Flowers for Natural Art

Illumination FL Landscape Lighting is awed by the variety of flowers for natural art that our landscaper friends are able to integrate.  Your South Florida Oasis should include several types of flowering plants, annuals and perennials.  We get a particular joy from orchids.  Another favorite, is the hibiscus.  Consider the types of scents that arouse your personal tastes.  Your landscape architect / designer will be able to put together some great options for you.  As always, if Illumination FL Landscape Lighting can be of any assistance in recommending a reputable landscaper, feel free to give us a call at 561-733-9300 or 954-245-1368.  We aren’t finished though; we still need to talk about ground cover.


Ground Cover and Well Lighting

Ground cover can bring in a wide spectrum of color and texture to your South Florida Oasis.  At Illumination FL Landscape Lighting we install a lot of well lights and other surface level lighting directly into the ground.  We have seen our landscaper colleagues utilize ‘go to’ options like St. Augustine grass, cypress mulch with various colors, pine bark mulch, riverbed stones, and much besides.  An option that is growing in popularity due to the extremely low maintenance and durability, is artificial turf.  This option offers brilliant green ground coverage, that is safe and comfortable to walk on and requires little to no mowing, edging or other regular tending as traditional lawns do.  All of these ground covering options should work together to provide a tasteful palette of color and texture.

Delray Beach-Lake Ida-LED Landscape Lighting
Delray Beach-Lake Ida-LED Landscape Lighting

Your Exotic South Florida Oasis, Illuminated

As you can see, there are a lot of things to discuss with your landscape architect.   Illumination FL Landscape Lighting is often brought in during some of these discussions.  This is good for you to know since we talked last time about the project management skills required to orchestrate all of these projects and contractors.  When we have an opportunity to work together with local landscapers, the process is streamlined, and you get to the completion of your project with greater ease and award winning results!

Give us a call today to schedule an on-site consultation with an Illumination FL Landscape Lighting Design Professional.



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