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Get the Most from Summer with Landscape Lighting

Written by Justin Gaynor

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - The Oaks - Miami Heat

The response to COVID-19 put a halt to our ability to attend all major sporting events. The truth is, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to go to a ball game more than when I haven’t been able to. Of course, the various preventive measures are intended for the health and well-being of the populous. Still, it is weird to see ‘No In-Person Attendance’ plastered all over the game schedules. So, what to do?

The Focal Point

A very wise person, a resident of The Oaks at Boca Raton and a huge fan of the Miami Heat, decided to invest in home improvement. Our client connected with us and we scheduled one of our free design consultations. When we arrived on property we immediately saw great potential. First, we noticed the curb appeal of the home with its clean, contemporary lines. Secondly, they had obviously invested in some great landscape design and everything was well-manicured and well-kept. Finally, we beheld the focal point!

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - The Oaks - Miami Heat

This client was a serious Miami Heat fan and one of the great things about a custom Illumination FL landscape lighting system is that you can extend the use of your outdoor spaces. In Florida, this is vital. Real estate is not inexpensive here and residents and visitors want to enjoy the beauty of Florida as much as possible. With the ability to attend sporting events on hold until further notice, what a great way to get into the game.

Putting a Game Plan Together

So as we got a feel for the property and what the client was hoping to accomplish, we got a game plan together. The design process with Illumination FL is really about bringing out the beauty of architecture, accentuating natural foliage, and developing scenes that are connected by paths of light. The purpose of this is to help our clients enjoy their homes more than ever before.

We were able to identify how we could access a power source, the first step in the design process. Then the plan began to unfold as we identified how the property was to be used in the evening time. We could just visualize young folks exiting the house through the garage where they could grab their basketball and gear, then running around the side of the house to shoot some hoops.

After a few hours of aggressive play, a quick dip in the pool to cool off, and then rest a little poolside before heading back indoors. How was the Illumination FL landscape lighting system going to make this scenario more enjoyable and memorable?

Our plan came together rather quickly, inspired by the conversation with the client and some key observations. Once the finalized plan was approved, it was game time!

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - The Oaks - Miami Heat

Installation day arrived and our professional install team arrived on-site, on time. All of our equipment was in place, the hardware for the system had been loaded up by the team that morning, and everything was accounted for. The team lead, having reviewed the game plan, quickly directed his teammates to their assigned positions. We were ready to deliver a solid show.

There weren’t too many obstacles to getting the power to where we needed it. Overall, the installation went smoothly. Within a relatively short period of time, this property had an amazing landscape lighting system. As always, cleanup is super important to us and something our customers appreciate and have come to expect from us. We want to make sure that when we leave the property, the only trace of us having been there is an award-winning landscape lighting system.

Rejoicing in a Big Win

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - The Oaks - Miami Heat

There is very little better for us than to enjoy our work and to give our customers a great landscape lighting system at an affordable price. When this job was complete, it was a big win on both accounts. The clients were pleased as we showed up and ‘cut to the basket’ for a challenging, but smooth install. That’s how we like to see it done.

If you are interested in getting in the game, give us a call and let’s start putting a landscape lighting plan together for your home or business!

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