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Tropical Plantation-Style Home Gets Illuminated!

Written by Justin Gaynor

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - Delray Beach

Illumination FL recently worked with the homeowner of this charming tropical plantation-style home. The architecture is elegant and timeless. Let’s just say we were excited about the project.

Located in South Florida, this home brings together a lot of historic Florida elements. You will find other examples at such historical sites as the Thursby House at Blue Springs State Park, homes in historic St. Augustine, and the fabled home of Ernest Hemingway located in Key West, FL.

This particular property is unique though. The owner has a passion for modern art, which has recently increased in popularity as a way to add value to homes. As you can see in the photograph above, there is a wonderful piece displayed that offers a significant modern contrast to the historic flavor.

We chose to keep the lighting subtle around the pool area. In favoring a gentle glow that surrounds the focal piece, we maintained a balance between the classic style of the home and the excitement of the modern art. Notice also the beautiful reflection on the surface of the water that adds both depth and beauty.

A Classic Canopy

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - Delray Beach

Whether it’s our clients or their guests arriving, the cozy, illuminated canopy offers a whimsical and mysterious welcome. It also excites feelings of a comfortable southern classicism. The landscape lighting design proves to significantly increase the feeling of safety and security.

The professionally installed paver driveway, with its soft, neutral tones pick up and reflect the light so there is less stumbling round in the dark. The plantation shutters on the doorways that are so reminiscent of old Florida architecture really come to the fore in this lighting.

Notice the trunks of the trees that frame the driveway. While Illumination FL does not install string lighting, it is important to note that these are available in eco-friendly LED technology. String lights can add a festive feel to any landscape lighting scene.

Of course, this reminds me to share another of our services with you. When the holidays arrive, Illumination FL can come for a visit and brighten things up a bit. With some slight modification to your Illumination FL Designer Landscape Lighting System, we can change the color spectrum to holiday-appropriate colors.

Heading Inside

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - Delray Beach

Once the initial wonder sets in, our attention turns to heading inside. The added lighting makes navigating the steps from the ground level up to the front door both safer and more enjoyable. The crafted palms accenting the doorway are a delight for the eyes. The path lights seen on either side of the walkway illumine the steps for your feet. Certainly, an enjoyable stroll into the comfort of a fine, stately home.

When installing low-voltage cable on an existing property, it can be somewhat tricky. Our installation teams have developed proprietary tools and processes. These tools and processes empower them to run the cable with minimal impact to the existing hardscape (pavers, etc.). They’ve actually gotten so good at it, that when our professional install team leaves your property, the only difference you should be able to perceive is the fact that you now have a great landscape lighting system.

From Scene to Scene

Illumination FL - Landscape Lighting - Delray Beach
Illumination FL – Landscape Lighting – Delray Beach

With all of the lush foliage on this property, we wanted to make sure that everyone can safely and securely move from one focal point to the next. With the use of well-placed path lights, the designer was able to direct traffic from the front of the house to the pool and leisure areas around the back of the house. The owners had invested in a very natural look to their landscaping. In response, we were careful to use some strategically placed spotlights to draw attention to certain species of trees in addition to the path lights.

If this Illumination FL Landscape Lighting Project Review inspired you, let us know about it! Give us a call at the office 561-733-9300. You can also share your response to the work of Illumination FL with a Google Review! Just click HERE!

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